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Since the beginning of my biology studies, my views of the world as we perceive it have been progressively warped by arcane evolutionary notions such as Darwinian fitness, bourgeois strategies and Red Queens. The beauty of these theories lies in their extension to human biology, development, behavior and sometimes even culture. Why do we rather grow too fat than too slim? How do we become addicted? Why are women and men different? How do babies manipulate their parents? What is love? New answers to these puzzling questions are gradually creeping out of the life equations.

General principles can best be understood in simple systems. Over the years, I've lovingly kept a tortoise, frogs, cats, a sister, guppies and other tropical fish, a dragonfly larva, lizards, a spider, earthworms, a Fritzie crab, toads, sea anemones, spider crabs and other reef critters, tens of thousands of snails, and a clam. Each contributed in its way to my understanding of Life, the Universe and Everything.

The views expressed here are my own and are not endorsed by any of my pets.

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