La perle du Léman - the pearl of Lake Leman


Come and visit Rolle!

Rolle is a beautiful small town squeezed between Lake Geneva and the vineyard-covered hills of the Jura mountains range. It lies at the heart of the La Côte wine-producing area.


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The large square castle was built 1276 by the Duke of Savoy to protect trade routes. Rolle prospered as a trading center on one of Europe busiest transalpine route - the Simplon - which connects Northern France with Italy. De la Harpe, born in Rolle, freed the Canton de Vaud from the Bernese and attached it to Switzerland in 1803. Spared from the industrial development of its larger neighbours Geneva and Lausanne, it retained its medieval charm and high quality of life - arguably among the highest in the country.


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Rolle is a great starting point to the Lake Leman area: