German genotype, Swiss phenotype

My biology studies and what they taught me.

1971-1973: Kindergarten in Rolle, Switzerland. "K is for Kangaroo, Z is for Zebra."

1973-1977: Primary School. "Trees have different leaves so that we can tell them apart."

1977-1983: Secondary School. "Cuckoos put their eggs into other birds' nests because they can't build their own."

1983-1985: Gymnase du Belvédère in Lausanne. "Pasteur stopped spontaneous generation by boiling dead mice."

1985-1986: Exchange student at Central Valley High School "Cancer research gets $200m for 3m patients; Bilharzia gets $3m for 400m patients."

1987-1989 and 1990-1992: Biology section of the University of Lausanne. "The Creator gave bacteria the possibility to do ANYTHING."

1988-1989: Marine Biology at the College of Charleston . "Horseshoe crabs have blue blood but don't appreciate you finding out."

1992-1995: D. Phil at the University of Oxford. "Snails mate slowly, but often."

1999-2000: Eur. Master in Environmental engineering and management at the EPFL. "Any method is good if it helps the Environment"

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